Host: used to search for slave devices and cannot be searched by other devices. (Bluetooth module with white dot)

Slave machine: The device used to be searched, and cannot actively search for other devices.

After the master and slave are connected, it is used as a serial port line. At this time, the master and slave are not distinguished, which is the transparent transmission mode.

[This module can be set as a master or a slave. The master can pair and communicate with the slave. There cannot be communication between slaves and slaves or between the master and the host. The slave can communicate with computers, mobile phones, etc. via Bluetooth. The default when purchasing is slave]

BT Types

classical bluetooth

board - NBL1018-dat - NBL1057-dat module - NBL1012-dat - NBL1022-dat

demo video



Bluetooth Mesh

audio bluetooth


  • BlueSPP
  • nRF connect