• BQB certificated
  • Master / Slave Mode supported
  • classic bluetooth easy to use


func BC04—B HC—05 HC—06
1. Software master-slave setting
2. Hardware master-slave settings X X
3. Ultra-low power consumption 2 ~ 10mA 30 ~ 40mA 30 ~ 40mA
4. Intelligent AT command system X X
5. Normal AT set
6. Support help command X X
7. Product Grade Military Grade Industrial Grade Civilian Grade
8. Support software development X X
9. Support uplink command X X


  • BC04 is better than HC05, HC06.
  • Enter into serial UART mode (AT commands)  BEFORE paired.
  • Before bluetooth connection established, it's supported by AT commands to set the baud rate, name, pairing password, parameters setting will save after power-down.  
  • Automatically switches to transparent mode after the Bluetooth connection set.


simialr modules - BC04-B-dat - HC05-dat - HC06-dat - NBL1012-dat