Low-Power Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver

CC1101 Chip Features

  • Work on 433 MHz free ISM RF band, no need license.
  • Built-in hardware CRC error detection, and address control
  • The maximum rate of 500kbps (1.2K Min.), support for 2-FSK, GFSK, FSK and MSK modulation, support the transmission channel before the auto-clean-up visits (CCA), the Carrier Sense System, very suitable for using at industrial environment.
  • Fast frequency changes brought about by a suitable synthesizer frequency hopping system
  • Most 256 program channels (20M band).
  • Large data buffer area. Separate 64-byte RX and TX data FIFO
  • Address can be set up by software, only received local address only when the output data (provided interrupt instruction), can be directly connected using a variety of MCU, very convenient
  • High sensitivity: 1.2Kbps under-110dBm, 1% packet error rate
  • Lower current consumption: 20mA averagely in RX mode and 30mA averagely in TX mode, at 10dBm

Board Versions

LSS - standard chip only version

  • CC1101-LSS: Low Power, SPI interface, Spring Coil - NWL1037-DAT


  • CC1101-MSR: Medium Power, SPI interface, rod antenna - NWL1044-DAT

  • same board except antenna LUS LUR
  • CC1101-LUS: Low Power, UART TLL interface, Spring Coil - NWL1042-DAT
  • CC1101-LUR: Low Power, UART TTL interface, rod antenna - NWL1039-DAT