CC1101-LUS: Low Power, UART TLL interface, Spring Coil

  • NWL1042-dat is complete same except the atenna
  • with onboard atmega MCU


Pin definition from Front View, From left to right

! Pins Definition Description connect to P.S
1 Sleep Sleep mode - This function is not designed yet
2 Reset Reset Not necessary to connect -
3 VCC Power +2.7V~5.5V Recommended +4.5~+5.5V
4 Rx Data input UART data input TTL
5 Tx Data output UART data output TTL


Commands Commands + Data Example note
Set operation frequency A7,7A + 00 send A7 7A 06, the channel will be set to 6 Channel value from 0×00~0xEE, 238 channels in total
Set baud rate A3, 3A + 01 send A3 3A 03 set the baud rate to 19200 01:4800, 02:9600, 03:19200
Set operation power AB,BA + 00 send AB BA 0A, set the operation transmission power to 10dBM Transmission power can be 0、5、7、10dBM
Set module ID A9, 9A + 00 09 send A9 9A 00 08, set the module ID to 8, this ID are stored in EEPROM If the ID need to be converted into hex first
Read module specification A6, 6A send A6, 6A, return A6 00 64 02 0A 00 00 = The initial code returned, Operation channels, Data speed 100Kbps, 02 Means the baud rate is 9600, Transmission Power is 10dBm, Module ID  
  • Default settings, Operation channel = 0, Data speed = 100kbps, Baud rate = 9600, Transmission Power = 10mW, Module ID = 00 00
  • Note: Send only less than 30 bytes data each time, otherwise it will not succeed