models SKU note
ESP-01-DAT = ESP-01S NWI1077-dat General DIP PTH version, less pin lead out, easy to use
ESP-01-DAT = ESP-01M NWI1127-dat Vertical stand on your PCBsave space and better signal
ESP-07S-DAT NWI1075-dat Pin compatible with esp-12, IPEX connector to get greater signal
ESP-12F-DAT NWI1059-dat Common ESP8266 module early version
ESP-12S-DAT NWI1086-dat optimized from ESP-12F-dat
ESP-WROOM-02-dat NWI1112-dat Most certificated, best design by original Espressif.


products overview -


  • WROOM-02D/U further optimized RF performace, pin-to-pin compatible with WROOM-02
  • WROOM-02D - on board PCB antenna
  • WROOM-02U - on board IPEX antenna connector, can mount external atenna.

  • NWI1112-dat - NWI1160-dat - NWI1161-dat

common pins

pin setup func Note
U0_RXD GPIO3 I/O UART Rx during flash programming  
U0_TXD GPIO1 I/O UART TX during flash programming; SPI_CS1

serial1 = U0

Obseleted Modules List


pin setup func
RESET pull up + cap 0.1 UF  
EN pull up  
IO0 pull up  
IO2 pull up on-module LED
GPIO15 pull down