V2 Version

  • Add onboard LDO regualtor AMS1117, input voltage can be 5V, provided stable power supply
  • Add pull up and pull down control resistors for booting, pin 0, 2, EN, RST
  • tested working well for both ESP-01 or ESP-01S
  • Two booting control buttons, hold down IO button and press RST button to enter into flash mode.
  • Lead all pins 2*4 out to breadboard

Use Guide - Flash

  • Hold down PROG button and press Reset button

V1 version


  • This board is a kit, NOT soldered, you must soldered by yourself.
  • NOT include ESP-01 Board


  • Lead all pins 2*4 out to breadboard
  • One group of pin to connect VCC with CHPD to enable the module, by jumper
  • One group of pin to connect RST with GND when you want to reset the module, by jumper
  • On board current capacitor 220UF
  • Only need a USB-TTL tool like CH340 breakout board to connect ESP-01: TX, RX, VCC, GND

Please follow the soldering steps below to solder, otherwise the small board maybe a little difficult to do: