legacy wiki page:

  • https://w.electrodragon.com/w/ESP_Relay_Board_Hardware

  • https://w.electrodragon.com/w/ESP_Board_Setup
  • https://www.electrodragon.com/w/ESP_Relay_Board

board Versions and Links

Board Description Wiki Link Usage
Wifi IoT Relay Board General version SPST NWI1072-DAT AC Mains Power ON/OFF
ESP Relay Board IL Optimize for inductive load NWI1139-dat AC Mains Power ON/OFF
Wifi IoT Relay Board VDC DC Power Supply, DC (or AC) ON/OFF NWI1115-dat  
Wifi IoT Relay Board SPDT Output free (not from input), DC or AC On/OFF NWI1119-dat - NWI1118-dat support common-on or common-off
ESP LED Strip Board Control for LED strips NWI1126-dat - NWI1124-dat  

What is the difference of this version (SPST) and SPDT version:

The output of the relay of SPST is the same as directly AC main input voltage, for powering up connected domestic home appliance in purpose. So the relay only control AC main power on and off The output of the relay of SPDT is not connected with AC main input voltge, the relay on this one can switch any other circuits you connected in, can be other AC or DC power, please refer to specification on relay.

Demo Collections

Demo Software Features

Programming skills need, not recommended for unfamiliar user. The board flashed with demo test code, you can follow the youtube video to make a try directly. And find demo code in the wiki page below. Only nodemcu demo code avaialble. The demo code written in R1.1 will do: switch both relay on/off once per second, and wait for smart config When connected to local wifi by smart config, on/off switching relay will stop and you can use mqtt to control it, follow wiki instruction for further details. You can use USB-TTL debug to re-program it. (Search to buy a USB-TTL tool in case, PL2303 or CP2102 can be all the work) If you want to customize it, please contact via info@electrodragon.com Use MQTT platform called www.cloudmqtt.com, use-friendly for esp8266 Based on NodeMCU LUA coding Demo code available, open source, and support smartconfig and MQTT, please find the code below or at our dropbox page to download

RF addon



  • develop with touch sensor
  • https://t.me/electrodragon3/191

Code and Firmware

  • sketch code - https://github.com/Edragon/Arduino-ESP32
  • firmware (internal production only) - https://gitee.com/electrodragon/work