• R7 ESP32-C3 Version

Pin Definitions

Pin Function Note
IO0 ADC sensing, XH2.54 Jack Port  
IO2 / IO8 Setup for booting pull-up
IO4 / IO5 Reserved for I2C, 1*4 pin header pull-up
IO6 / IO7 relay 1 / 2  
IO09 programmerable / Flash Button  
IO10 programmerable LED via jumper

demo video

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zk3WIVSvyM
  • https://twitter.com/electro_phoenix/status/1622874731493072897
  • https://t.me/electrodragon3/228

const char *ssid = "electrodragon";
const char *password = "electrodragon";


Tested with arduino code, flash tested with ESPHome, but not further function tests