• A7670-DAT
  • https://www.electrodragon.com/product/a7670-lte-cat-1-gsm-mini-module/?attribute_pa_simcom=a7670c


  • Hold down reset button for 2 seconds to boot the module
  • pull up reset pin for 2 seconds to boot the module (by external MCU)

Pin Definitions

  • RST
  • GND
  • PEN
  • RXD
  • TXD
  • ~RI
  • DTR
  • 3V3
  • VIN
  • VBUS


  • When use VIN input, UART serial logic level power +5V should be supplied via VUSB

Power Supply

  • VBUS can be a USB power supply.
  • VIN can be ~18V 2A external DC power supply
  • VBAT does not lead out, so you basically can not use it unless you hack with a jumper wire. Please note we didn't mention the board can use VBAT in the product description.
  • 3.3V for on board logic or power external

Wiring UART communication with ESP32

ESP32 note A7670
IO18 IO19 UART A7670C
Vin / Vusb Logic Level A7670C logic
Vin / Vusb Power Supply A7670C Power Supply