NGS1095 Dat

  • Pin pitch 2.0 mm

pin definitions

Pin Definitions R2:

  • U1V_RXD, U1V_TXD: uart1 txd and rxd pin via logic shifter, 5V compliant
  • IO0: GPIO 0
  • VDD: VDD 3.3V from module
  • RI DTR DCD CTS RTS RXD TXD: Full UART1 pins, extra pins can be used as GPIO or other control functions, please refer to datasheet.
  • M_K: external MCU control pin, pull high to power on module
  • U2TXD, U2RXD: uart2 pins, can be used for upgrade firmware.
  • VUSB, DP, DM, GND: USB debug pins
  • RST - reset, ADC - analog read pin, V_ext: power supply logic, STAT: status logic, NET: netlight
  • GND, VIN: Power supply in, support up to 12V.

Pin Soldering Side

on sim card side

on module side