First version please see here. MPC1073-dat

New features please see the right image

  • Remove the right chip to free extra GPIOs
  • Connect PIN4 or PIN8 to E_BUF for E-line
  • Power input and output from the left large pin connectors

pin definitions

The following two GPIOs are not used at all and free:

  • pin SC to raspberry pi pin ID_SC
  • pin SD to raspberry pi pin ID_SD

Extra pins Used by Chain P3:

  • to use the extra pins, you need to cut the jumpers to release them from the chip below, and chain P3 can not be used anymore.

Debug Port:

  • RX GND (some boards mark could be reversed): UART_RX debug, or ROW_E set to ground


  • If you supply power to matrix panels separately, the converter board MPC1119 will be power supplied by pins, no need extra power supply.
  • If you supply all power from one port on the converted board, you can connect the power supply to matrix panels from another port.
  • Voltage should be no more than 5.5V.

Extra Pins

  • Please note there is a wrong typo on the board, IO12 should be IO14
  • top pins: IO2 IO12 IO3
  • bottom pins: IO21 IO26 IO16

Legacy Wiki

E-line Setup, Extra GPIOs Pin Definitions

Setup E-line, PIN4 to E, PIN8 to GND or vice vese.

Chain-3 5V logic output pin definitions

3V3 direct lead pin definitions