• https://twitter.com/electro_phoenix/status/1639160253811142656
  • Loraduino low power test, sleep in 80uA

low power mode DVA1007-dat

  • first init RF Lora
  • then, must well initiated flash, or this cost 1-2 mA - https://github.com/LowPowerLab/SPIFlash
  • turn RF Lora into sleep mode, or this cost 1-2 mA
  • turn on arduino into low power mode - https://github.com/LowPowerLab/LowPower
  • arduino low power, powerdown and wake up periodically


  • Sim7020g low power test 27ua in sleep mode, wake up by pin
  • https://twitter.com/electro_phoenix/status/1640585737308622850

Flash Issue

  • Please remember to use "low-power-lab" arduino library: https://github.com/LowPowerLab/SPIFlash
  • install the library: flash.initialize()
  • https://github.com/Edragon/Arduino-main/blob/master/Sketchbook/memory/SPIFlash_LowPowerLab/SPIFlash_LowPowerLab.ino

arduino deep sleep library

  • https://github.com/arduino-libraries/ArduinoLowPower
  • https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/libraries/arduino-low-power/


  • legacy wiki page - https://w.electrodragon.com/w/Category:Low_Power

  • low power design guide AN1416.pdf

  • low-power