NLRPOST: Intl. Air NL Normal Post (ref. ETA: 25-60 days)

Introduction to Netherlands Post Registered Small Parcel (NLRPOST) Channel

Product introduction: Dutch parcel is a European fast parcel service launched by Dutch Post (TNT POST) specifically for e-commerce sellers. This service is based in the Netherlands and radiates throughout Europe. It relies on the network and customs clearance system of the Netherlands Post to create a high-quality regional small parcel service: good customs clearance, fast delivery, and excellent query. The main advantage is that it has removable batteries. Customs clearance - General dedicated line services are cleared by local customs clearance agents and have poor stability. This service is handled by Dutch Post and is a postal customs clearance channel with good stability.

Product advantages:

In major European countries, goods over 500g have a certain price advantage over the main small packages on the market.

Delivery time:

The mainstream small parcel service delivery time on the market is generally 7-15 working days, and Dutch small parcels only take 5-10 working days to major European countries.

Cargo restrictions:

Built-in battery and supporting battery can be transported. Goods such as mobile power supplies, pure batteries and contraband are not accepted.

Safe and stable, fast delivery in European countries. Netherlands Post has strong European customs clearance capabilities. Accepts internal battery. Cosmetics, light sensitive goods, shampoo, facial mask, skin care products, makeup, nail polish, etc. (This channel does not accept pure batteries and knives for the time being, and there will be a penalty of 150 yuan/ticket for restocking, and the shipping fee will not be refunded)

Platform transportation Method:

Logistics and transportation methods corresponding to WISH, AliExpress, Dunhuang, Amazon, EBay and other major e-commerce platforms: NL Post (Dutch Post).

Instructions for placing an order:

The address information when placing an order must be detailed. The declared product information must be declared according to the actual product information. The declared product name does not accept general product names such as: gift, accessory, etc. The declared value must not be declared low or high. If it is declared low, it will cause customs Customs withholding or high declaration will result in customs duties in the destination country, which are all borne by the customer.

Warm reminder:

There is no mailing service in the following postal codes:

Spain: except Balearic Islands and Canary Islands (postcode ranges 07000-07999 and 35000-35999 and 38000-38999);

France: Except for the islands in the postal code ranges 97100-97999 and 98600-98999.

Inquiry service:

  1. Any inquiry service must be subject to submission of the inquiry form, and our company is responsible for assisting in processing. The inquiry period for opening files through this channel is: within 18-50 natural days after accessing the Internet;

  2. No inspection will be carried out after the deadline; the response period for inspections during off-peak periods ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months (because some destinations do not support tracking or receipt, there are no conditions for claiming compensation).

  3. Internet access the next day, 6-12 working days to the destination, no record of surface mail

Channel route:


Operation instructions:

  1. Our company cooperates with the Netherlands Post Line

  2. The maximum weight cannot exceed 2KG, and the length + width + height are ≤ 90CM, and the length of one side is ≤ 60CM

  3. All packages must be printed in English or filled in with the recipient’s name, address and postal code, and use the Dutch return address and account label provided by the Royal Logistics Company system;

  4. Customers must fill in the customs declaration form. Make sure the information in the email is consistent with the actual item. If the mail is returned or detained by the customs due to reasons such as unclear writing by the customer, ambiguous wording in the customs declaration, or inconsistency between the contents and the information description, the relevant responsibilities and consequences shall be borne by the customer. At the sender's end of the customs declaration form, the customer is asked to sign his or her Chinese name.

  5. It is recommended that customers try to fill in the true item name, declared value and the actual value of the item when filling out the customs declaration form.

  6. PostNL does not accept declarations with general product names: such as gifts and accessories.

  7. Query URL:

Prohibited items:

The state explicitly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and contraband; flammable and explosive materials, obscene items, magnetic items exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, dissolvable paints, and Items prohibited from mailing by other laws of the place of origin, transit place, destination, etc. and relevant postal laws and regulations;

Declaration requirements:

Starting from 00:00 on March 1, 2018, German Customs will implement a single customs clearance fee for e-commerce items. German Customs will collect non-duty-free imported packages, that is, packages with a declared value higher than 22 euros/ticket. There is a customs clearance fee of 6 euros/ticket including VAT. If the recipient refuses to pay, it will be collected from the sender.

Compensation standard:

If the package is lost before going online, compensation will be based on the declared value + return shipping fee, but the maximum will not exceed 100 RMB. After going online, compensation will be made according to the post office. If the recipient has not received the package, the customer can apply to the royal family to check that there is currently no compensation service.

Special reminder:

Once a customer agrees to accept our company's services, it is assumed that the customer has read the remarks in this price list and our company's shipping terms in detail and accepted the constraints of each term.