• OPM1123-dat

  • DS: https://www.laskakit.cz/user/related_files/ip5306.pdf

Press button

Push button’s connecting is shown in Fig 5. IP5306 can identify long push and short push.

Button Action In System Action Out
If button is pushed longer than 30ms but shorter than 2s, IP5306 will identify the action as short push. Short push will open SOC indicator LEDs and step-up converter
If button is pushed longer than 2s, IP5306 will identify the action as long push. Long push will close step-up convertor, SOC indicator LED and flashlight LED.
If button is pushed shorter than 30ms IP5306 will ignore the action.
If two short push is detected within 1s IP5306 will open or close flashlight LED

Typical SCH


  • MAKE SURE to use high quality, full charged battery for testing, otherwise could cause power off
  • The board does not supports modern quick charging options, like QC, PD, etc

  • to prevent board enter into sleep mode automatically for small power load, you can add some more load resistors to keep it continuously on.