comparison to arduino atmega328

pin LGT arduino note
pin3 PE4 GND extra pin
pin6 PE5 VCC extra pin
pin18 PE0/SWC AVCC prog port
pin21 PE2/SWD GND prog port

common pin

  • pin 4 = VCC
  • pin 5 = GND

Sketch uploads By Arduino IDE

  • Pre-loaded bootloder. Just select corresponding board to upload sketch, refer to bootloader sketch below
  • Programming pin port same as FTDI FT232-dat, same as arduino pro mini
  • A backup method for without DTR, just hold down RESET button when "compiling", then release when "uploading".


nullab board

  • most compatible, please use this one
  • Nullab Nano/ Maker Nano
  • install by this -

old 1 Installation:

  • Unzip
  • Copy the [hardware] directory to Arduino's sketchbook directory (see below to find out where it normally resides)
  • Restart Arduino, you will see new board from [Tools]->[Board] menu.

old 2 bootloader

  • Better not used for experiment, your often daily programming learning or testing, although no problem, but if unexpected error cause the board bricked, you need special programmer to re-programme the bootloader.
  • Good to migrate to a low cost board instead of original expensive board.
  • Same way to upload sketch as pro mini, notice to choose the board
    • 8F328P - original IC bootloader, please use this one
    • 8F328D - compatible, can also upload code, but don't know if any unknow error.
    • Pro mini - also can upload, but active very wired

Chip Note

  • crystal is not soldered, it can work without crystal, unlike atmega328


  • arduino UNO can pretend as a chip programmer
  • please contact us if you need to order original programmer