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Pin Definitions

Input left side from top to bottom

Pin Descriptions
L Load AC Mains Live
N_LOAD Load AC Mains Natural
N Board AC Mains Input Natural
L Board AC Mains Input Live

Data Output

  • VDD
  • PF
  • RX
  • GND


  • On board AC-DC Power Supply Converter
  • Isolated signal output

R2 Current Version Update:

  • Main image is the R2 version.
  • Default use capacitive dropper method as non-isolation AC-DC power supply, supply current up to 100mA. Add fuse and varistor general protection.
  • Previous ACDC power supply method MP150 is still also available, current supply up to 200mA, further improve reliablility.
  • HLW8032 energy measurement on board one side, and ACDC power supply on other side
  • Add ACDC power supply LED indicator.
  • Add jumper between ACDC power supply and supply for HLW8032. You can test HLW8032 with your lab power via jumper pin header.
  • We may soldered the cables for testing purposes, you can remove them later or add notes to ask us to do so.


  • HIGH voltage on the AC Mains side, please be careful!