This electric energy tester adopts a new generation of 4 and a half double integral cyclic conversion integrated circuit, equipped with a precision bandgap reference source, with accurate range, high precision, stable operation, reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability and high temperature resistance. It can be used to measure USB The power supply or power consumption of interfaces, mobile phone chargers, USB flash drives and other products.

  1. This product can measure the voltage of USB power supply equipment when it is empty and loaded, and the voltage and current of USB terminal equipment when it is working.

  2. Current and voltage cycle display, easy to use, convenient and practical.

  3. Small and easy to carry, no need to connect to another power supply.


Working purpose: Current (0-2.5A) detects whether the voltage of the mobile phone charger can reach the standard DC5V

  • Working range: U=3~7.5V I=0~2.5A
  • Resolution: Voltage 10mV Current 10mA
  • Error: Voltage<±1% Current<±2%
  • Full-scale voltage drop: 200mV (when measuring current)
  • Working temperature: 0-60℃

Product size: 533514mm