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product description:

HC-SR505 small human body sensing module is an automatic control product based on infrared technology. It has high sensitivity, strong reliability, ultra-small size, and ultra-low voltage working mode. It is widely used in various types of automatic induction electrical equipment, especially dry battery-powered automatic control products.


■Fully automatic sensing: When a person enters the sensing range, it outputs a high level. When a person leaves the sensing range, it automatically delays the high level and outputs a low level.

■ Ultra-small size.

■ Repeatable triggering method: After the sensor outputs a high level, during the delay period, if a human body moves within its sensing range, its output will remain high until the person leaves. becomes low level (the sensing module will automatically extend a delay period after detecting each movement of the human body, and the time of the last movement will be the starting point of the delay time).

■Wide operating voltage range: The default operating voltage is DC4.5V-20V.

■ Micro power consumption: Quiescent current <50 microamps, especially suitable for automatic control products powered by dry batteries.

■Output high-level signals: It can be easily connected with various circuits.

Application scope:

■ Human body sensing lamps ■ Human body sensing toys

■ Security products ■ Industrial automation control

■Automatic induction electrical equipment ■Battery-powered automatic control, etc.