135 x 76

Solar Panel

Version Logs

R3 - polycrystalline silicon solar panel

R2 - PET laminated Board

  • 5V 220mA, 1.1W, 110802 mm
  • This technique that has less stiffness but can work on bigger size.
  • This is a unit of solar panel, serial connection can increase the volt and parallel connection can increase the current. So for example type 2, you can parallel connect 4-5 pcs to easily charge your cell phone; if you want to charge on 12V storage battery, two unit should be serial connected. 

R1 - Epoxy covered Board

  • 6V 200mA, 1.2W, 160*140 mm
  • Great stiffness, good for outdoor environment
  • This technique only support on small size and a little bit thicker. Compressive strength, corrosion resistance, appearance beautiful crystal clear, anti-UV, anti-yellowing, high transmittance EPOXY.