based on chip SIM7080G-dat


  • Simplified Connection: TXD / RXD / GND / VIN
  • VIN: 4.2-18Vin
  • default TXD / RXD logic at 3.3V
  • Boot: hold down boot button for 2 seconds, or pull key pin to up for 2 seconds
  • on board netlight led and power led
  • manual reset module button


  • VIN to 5~16 VDC
  • GND to GND
  • TXD - TXD
  • RXD - RXD
  • Logic_Power (L_P) to external 5V or NC if use internal 3V3


  • BAT to directly battery power supply
  • Pen turn on board power on or off via enabling DC-DC regulator
  • ON: turn on/off the M2M module


  • PWR jumper: select ON/OFF for the power LED
  • 3/5 jumper: select on board 3.3V or external logic/USB_5V power
  • 5V jumper: 5V to external logic power pin

  • M2M-interface

Use Guide

boot the module

  • hold down the top-middle small button for 2 seconds to boot the module
  • or pull the "boot" pin to high for 2 seconds to boot the module


Use as a Modem and COM PORT

  • power via USB

test default

  • USB-TTL cable CH340/PL2303TA
  • 5V/GND/TXD/RXD works with internal 3.3V logic left


  • Test with ESP32: