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Screen Specification

  • WLED
  • HD 2K Sharp IPS screen, 8bit, 16.7M, color gamut 72%
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (width: height)
  • Panel brightness: 450 cd/m2
  • Resolution: 2560 * 1600, support extended screen
  • Function: support backlight adjustment, support point to point.

Interface and Audio:

  • HDMI: 2x mini HDMI input
  • Power in
    • 5V micro USB power
    • 5-12V DC plug
  • Earphone output: 3.5mm audio earphone output port
  • Internal Speaker: built-in cavity speaker (no external speakers required)

Mechanical size:

  • Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Weight:400g
  • Siz:242 * 160 mm
  • Material:all aluminum alloy metal CNC matte oxidation body


  • use a stand to keep on the desk
  • use backside 75x75mm drilling holes to install on the wall




  • old demos
  •  (music copyright issue in German, maybe not able to play)
  • Mounted on a stand rack, and compare with other screens: