current version HS


IPS full viewing angle display

  • ○Wide viewing angle
  • ○Real colors
  • ○Excellent dynamic image quality
  • ○Energy saving and environmental protection

1024X600 HD vision

  • ○The resolution is HD 1024X600 dot matrix
  • ○More delicate than 800X480 ordinary display screen

External audio output interface

  • ○Built-in power amplifier circuit
  • ○External 3.5mm audio output interface

Use as mini PC monitor

  • ○Supports mainstream development boards such as Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and BB Black
  • ○When used with Raspberry Pi, it supports mainstream systems such as Raspbian, Kali linux, and ubuntu, and is single-touch plug-and-play and driver-free.

Use as computer monitor

  • ○Support win10/win8/win7 system, support five-point touch, plug and play without driver


Obseleted Part

Important Note

  • Follow the attached image of instruction to build it.
  • '''Only tested on raspbian, ubuntu, other systems can not bu sure. Please try it by yourself.'''
  • Original HDMI has a hard stiffness, you can replace it with this one.
  • Original usb cable is a little too long.
  • After driver is installed, you will only need to power RPI, the LCD can touch panel can draw power from RP
  • Fragile stand kit, do no apply too large force on it, otherwise will breakdown!
  • No need calibrate for touch screen


  • LCD type: AT070TN90


  • please use the latest raspbian image 20150605.
  • please find the download link in your order note to download the driver.
  • copy RPI2B_B_B+_USB_TOUCH_CAP_7.0_RASPBIAN.tar.gz to RPI
  • unzip it sudo tar zxvf RPI2B_B_B+_USB_TOUCH_CAP_7.0_RASPBIAN.tar.gz
  • cd into the folder
  • and run to install sudo ./USB_TOUCH_CAP_7.0_RASPBIAN
  • enter into graphic deskttop to use

setup touch


sudo tar zxvf touch.tar.gz

Virtual Keyboard


apt-get install matchbox-keyboard
apt-get install florence


  • after install the driver, you can draw the power from RPI to the LCD