• with touchscreen xpt2046 chip
  • The 5-inch is an HDMI interface input and does not require a driver.
  • 800x480

All Specs:

  • 5-inch standard display, 800×480 HD resolution
  • With resistive touch screen, supports touch control
  • Supports independent backlight control and can turn off the backlight to save power consumption
  • Supports standard HDMI interface input, compatible and can be directly plugged into Raspberry Pi (3rd generation, 2nd generation and 1st generation)
  • Can be used as a general HDMI display, such as connecting to a computer HDMI as a secondary display (the resolution output must be adjustable to 800X480)
  • If it is only used for display, there is no need to occupy IO resources (Rasperry Pi does not need to occupy IO resources when using the touch function)
  • Size: 5.0(inch)
  • SKU: ILC1042
  • Resolution: 800×480(dots)
  • Touch: 4-wire resistive touch
  • Overall dimensions: 121.11*77.93(mm)
  • Product weight: 175(g)


Pin Definitions

Note !!

  • This display default version includes HDMI mini convert board for raspberry PI 3, if need for RPI4, please add order note!!



Drivers and OS note

  • No need custom Raspbian OS image, it is not necessary for new version of raspbian.
  • Only provide support for the latest version of RPI, please update if necessary.
  • No need driver for HDMI (but need config resolution), need driver setup for touch screen