5" LCD


main series - EDL-LCD-dat



Pin Map

  • The pins starting with T_ are touch control pins,
  • The pins starting with SD_ are SD card control pins,
  • The pins starting with F_ are flash control pins.
  • The others are TFT control pins,
  • The flash chip is reserved and not soldered on the board. If the buyer needs it, please solder the SPI interface FLASH chip by yourself.

Testing C8051

Code test environment: JME-2 core board + STC microcontroller with 1T instruction cycle (51 core STC12LE5A60S2) + 33M crystal oscillator

Microcontroller operating voltage 3.3V

Program default IO connection method:

Control line:

- RS-P3^5;
- WR-P3^6;
- RD-P3^7;
- CS-P1^0;
- REST-P1^2;

Data line:

- DB0-DB7 connects P0^0-P0^7 in sequence;
- DB8-DB15 connects P2^0-P2^7 in sequence;

Touch function connection method: (not connected if touch is not used)

- D_CLK-P1^7;
- D_CS-P1^4;
- D_DIN-P3^0;
- D_OUT-P3^1;
- D_PENIRQ-P3^4;



alternative version - ILC1031-2-dat