Board Map


  • You will need a USB-TTL-dat adapter bridge board or cable, to interface or program ESP32 via the serial interface

To communicate with ESP32 normally, connect (working mode):

  • TXD->RXD, RXD->TXD, +5V=+5V, GND=GND
  • remove IO0-GND jumper, IO0 LED should be off

To program ESP32 (flashing mode):

  • Connect the same serial interface
  • Put IO0-GND jumper ON, IO0 LED should be ON
  • press reset button to enter into flash mode
  • Upload arduino demo code


  • original library DMD32 -
  • the code has not maintained for a long while, please use old version of arduino ESP32, please refer to the video below
  • please use the standard code in folder - Arduino-ESP32/libraries /DMD32-main/

Demo Early Test

use guide -

correct test:

test in error: