Hardware V2

  • Solder method can refer to this one - NGS1112-DAT

  • TTL input from left side
  • RS232 output on the right side
  • left power supply = right



  • Power one side only is enough
  • RS232 connect to the RS232 mark side, and TTL connect to TTL mark side
  • Two signal cover channels separated, front and back side both can be used.

Feature of V1 version

The V1 version board (blue board) use bad chip, which cause high heat on it.

  • NOT genius MAX232 IC
  • Input voltage 3V~5V
  • Max baudrate should be not over 120kbps
  • Dimension: 9.4mm*15.9mm
  • Arrow indicate the data flow
  • Each purchase is for 5 pcs.