driver please find on this page - CH340-dat


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Total cable length: about 90CM shielded cable CONN USB-A male to CONN RS232 9-pin male


Easy to install, no external power supply or physical drive required

Scope of application:

This product can easily convert a computer USB interface to a universal serial port, providing a fast channel for computers without a serial port. Moreover, using this product is equivalent to turning a traditional serial port device into a plug-and-play USB device.

Supports various types of microcontrollers, microcontroller STC downloads, LED screen control cards, MODEM, ISDN terminal adapter communications, suitable for computers or notebooks with USB ports. Application platform:

Supports USB1.0/1.1 specification, compatible with USB2.0 specification, supports full-speed transmission mode 12MBPS, supports Win98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Mac OS8.6, vista, win7-32, 64-bit.

Installation Notes:

  1. Run the driver CH340.EXE file to install
  2. Connect the USB serial cable to the USB interface of the computer and automatically install the driver.
  3. After successful installation, go to the device manager and the COM port will appear.


  • External Modem; 
  • ISDN-TA; 
  • Digital Camera;
  • Standard Serial cable connected mouse; 
  • Command Card reader;
  • PlamIII & Palm V; 
  • Handwrite Pad; 
  • Code scanner; 
  • Security system; 
  • 8051 programmer