• board order - https://www.electrodragon.com/product/attiny-1385-programming-shield/
  • attiny chip order 6001274-dat - https://www.electrodragon.com/product/attiny13-8-pin-10mhz-1k-4ad/

  • legacy wiki page - https://w.electrodragon.com/w/Category:Arduino
  • legacy wiki page2 - https://w.electrodragon.com/w/AVR_PROG_Shield#Flash_Bootloader_Programming_Guide_and_Note

Board Map

  • test LED = PB3
  • PB5 ~ PB0 = D5-D0, 6 functional pins of the SOP-8 chip
    • e.g PB3 = D3, PB5 = D5
    • digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
  • VCC / GND

Using Guide

Flash Bootloader Programming Guide and Note

  • Support three attiny series
  • Some version of ArduinoIDE is not working well, for example, 1.61, 1.00, etc, better version approved 1.05, 1.56-r2
  • Burn bootloader twice, sometimes it seems the arduinoIDE bug: the IC will fail on uploading sketch when moved to arduino board

  • If you see the problem "programmer of out sync", get the easy solution here. arduinoISP-dat
  • Find all the unofficial attiny board files here. attiny-dat

  • upload arduino sketch using "programmer" options in the menu, DO NOT use "upload" button

  • Program hex file into target IC with AVRDUDESS

Demo with using Guide