On board resources Pin arduino setup
prog led PC6 D22
prog button PC7 D23
Reset PF6 reset

Jumper Setup

Options Selections Default
Power Supply 5V or 3V3 5V
Power Supply of Vdd_io2 to Vdd to Vdd
USART of Programming PB0 PB1 (USART 3) or PE0 PE1 (USART 4) PB0 PB1 (USART 3)


  • Install Driver for CH340-DAT, check CH340K
  • Power LED indicator should be light up

bootloader settings

  • Clock -24 mhz internal
  • Bootloader serial port: PB0 / PB1
  • Reset pin: default



  • Please check if backside jumpers are all soldered or not, power LED is NO or not.
  • The full schematic is for purchased customers only, you can also view it directly here.
  • Default firmware should be hold down PC7 button and PC6 LED light up, or simple blink sketch. You can find all sketches in our arduino-IDE-DAT
  • More information please find at page here.